Sunday, August 9, 2020

Finally Made it!

We LOVE camping....and finally got out and enjoyed our first camping trip of the season over the 24th of July holiday weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend, we camped in our fav spot and had such a great time.  

Although, Bridger did have his moments, which included waking at 5 each morning and crying for hours....he'd gesture showing us he wanted out.  He seemed so scared of the trailer each morning when he awoke, so we did our best to distract him until the sun came up and we could take him outside.  It's so hard when we can't explain things to him.  :(   

We planned to stay four days, but by day three, we couldn't bare another early morning sob session.  So we headed home a day early.  And wouldn't you know it, the second we got home, our Bridger was all smiles and giggles.  It was like night and day.  He definitely is a home body, it is his happy place.  

In fact---- this pic sums it all up....ha.ha.

But we did get out and enjoy the beauty--- from lots of biking (and a biking mishap when Breck his a stick and it broke the derailleur on my bike--woops!)

We set up a TV for Bridger in the trailer, and that definitely helped to calm him when he'd have his melt downs...  

Biking Marysvale Canyon

Bridger's Birthday Video

 A look back on the past year with Bridger.... what a year it was!  
The highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. 
Bridger, you are our hero!  The way you endure and face each day is unbelievable.  Your spirit radiates joy and happiness.  We love you more than words can say...

Bridger Turns Seven!

Time is sure a really is mind blowing that we have been on this journey with our Bridger for 7 years now.  Every birthday is a big deal to us!  In the beginning, we were told he wouldn't live much longer than the age of two.  Here we are celebrating age 7.  That is part of the miracle, Bridger still has more of and earthly mission to fulfill.
We did a little pinata party with the little cousins:

America Turns 244

There is just something about seeing those stars and stripes that always makes me teary.  It represents so many things....freedom, sacrifice, justice, equality, and much more.  For the 4th this year, my brother and his fam came to stay the long weekend with us.  We have missed hanging with them, as his job as the director of nursing has been so demanding during this pandemic, he has a hard time getting away.

This year, we awoke and went on a mountain bike ride, took pics by this massive flag, toured the fish hatchery, had a backyard waterfight/water party, BBQ, game night, and then watched the city fireworks.  

A weekend to remember....lots of good food, laughs, and memories made with some of our favorite peeps.