Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Bee's Game: Take 2

Just a few clips of the Bee's Game:

One thing that should be noted about this experience is how poised and happy Bridger was.  We were at the Smith Field for 7 hours straight-during nap time- in the 95 degree temperatures.  Despite all these odds against us, Bridger was pleasant and happy.  (he hates heat, he naps 3 hours every day, he doesn't like to be in his wheelchair for extreme lengths of time, etc...)
To me- that was another testament of angels.  Bridger definitely had his guardian angel near him helping him to have a happy day.
Braylee had a dance off with Bumble.  I just captured the tail end of it.  Braylee is always the life of the party... :)
Here is Bridger, with his sweet older brother.  The announcer shared information on Bridger and then  Breck handed the ball to Bridger, who then handed the ball back to Brecken, and he threw in the pitch.
The following week, his class watched the footage of his first pitch. Watch as Bridger enjoys his moment with is classmates. This literally brought me to tears.  This boy never ceases to amaze me.  Seeing him so happy, makes my heart burst.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Royal Treatment

Our mission is to bring children living with disabilities or battling life threatening medical conditions together with the baseball community to create positive and lasting baseball experiences.

And that is the honest truth-- our Bee's experience was nothing short of amazing!
Three hours prior to game time, we arrived at the Smiths Ballpark, and from the second we stepped foot on the grounds, we were given the royal treatment. From a behind the scenes tour, meeting the staff, announcers, and players, watching warm ups and batting practice, meeting the players, getting autographs, gave us new jerseys, meeting the mascot and having a dance off, Brecken helping Bridger throw the first pitch, having amazing seats, and then getting endless concessions to our hearts desire.  We all felt like royalty.


A day we will always remember....

Sevier County Fair

We love our county fair!  
We attended the Tim Gates concert and a rodeo:
 Animals-- (braylee got invited in with these sweet goats, she was in heaven)
Yummy food: 
 Meeting Cosmo:

 Breck's highlight was watching the BYU dunk team, and Braylee's was winning a blue ribbon for her painting she entered.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Back to School

Bridger -- Mrs. Peterson -- 1st Grade:
Braylee -- Mr. Norris -- 3rd Grade:
Brecken -- Middle School -- 7th Grade
New grade, new classroom, but still same Miss Mackayla!  Phew.. Without Mackayla, this wouldn't be possible.  Bridger is so lucky to have her.

Three kids. Three different schools.  
One amazing school year ahead...I can feel it.

Making it Count...

One goal we have as a family is to be productive.  We don't sit around waiting for things to come to us.  We're planners, and have taught our kids to make plans and then get out and be productive and enjoy the adventure.  

There is something to be said for a creative mind.  This gal definitely has it.  Inspired by the story, the "Croods", she and her friend drew cave pictures, to tell a story,  on the block wall. LOL.

 Even with all Bridger's disabilities, he still gets to enjoy adventures.  As you can see, Jenna isn't afraid of making them happen during therapy sessions.  She's the best of the best!
 Seven Peaks was another great spot we hit up a couple times this summer to enjoy a day of playing.  The last time we went was a couple days before school started, so it was our summer send-off party.  Breck and Braylee each brought a friend, and we had the best day ever!

And I had to document Breck and his gym shoes at the water park....this is a "like father, like son" moment.  

Another thing that MUST be documented is this:

Breck wanted to get a new Specialized brand mountain bike (he'd outgrown his bike and wanted to get into mtn. biking).  These bikes aren't cheap, so we told him he'd have to earn half the money and we'd pay the other half on the bike.  An even better idea came up when he offered to sell his Xbox to help pay his portion.  

That was a no brainer for us, the second we put it online, it sold in minutes.  I've never been a fan of gaming consoles, but for Christmas last year, this was the one major thing Breck wanted.  We set ground rules before we set it up, but even then, the addictive nature of the games would suck him in and it was tough on our parent/son relationship...

Selling this xbox has changed everything!  It's been an answer to his momma's prayers, as silly as that sounds. 

And now, this kid has been living his best life, on that bike ever since!  He and his buds ride nearly everyday, whether it's in the hills, around town, or just for fun around the neighborhood.  I'm so happy seeing them get out and be active.  (and no more xbox fights between parents and son)  I call that WINNING!  And I love that when he gets home from school and gets his chores done, he can't wait to go hop on his bike and go riding. 
Check this out--- Breck is even taking his bike up on the canal runs with his dad and Duke. :)  

Meanwhile, I have been getting my daily dose of exercise in.  As of now, it's been one year since I began dedicating my mornings to hitting up classes each day at the gym.  I look forward each day to these classes and it starts my day off in such a positive way.  High Fitness and body pump are my most favorite classes, but this rowing class (pictured below) just stared a few weeks ago, and I'm loving it too!

Our little Bridger keeps life in perspective.  His adventures look much different than your average 6 year old.  Sitting in a bean bag- now that's adventure for him!  

Plus, there is no such thing as too many pics of this kid and his iPad. ;) 
A few other random adventures from this past summer--
Include many boys.  Breck has a grade chucked full of some of the most talented boys.  They are all so much fun.  I'm so glad he has so many great friends.

And we can't forget another FIRST that took place this past summer.  Breck's first time repelling!  He said his favorite part was when he was back on the ground. :)
I love where we live.  Sevier county has so much to offer.  I love this small town life, surrounded by beauty and adventure so we can make our life count!
If you look close, you'll see our house...  Cade took me on a date one night to this look out spot,  the views were incredible!

Play together, Stay together...

I've heard it said, "Families that play together, stay together."

One of my favorite things growing up was camping with my family.  I have so many memories with my siblings, parents, cousins, grandparents, etc. on the mountain camping.   I love having these same experiences with my own kids now.  There is nothing better than when we get to go adventuring together, making new memories, and enjoying good wholesome activities.  

We finally (mid July) made it out on our first camping trip in the camp trailer.  We found a nice cozy spot nestled into the trees, where the kids made the most amazing tree swing that provided hours of entertainment. 

There is something to be said for being unplugged, off the grid, and out in nature.  We spent the days outside, enjoying the beauty and recreation around us.
Don't mess with this gal, and her pink gun:
 She's quite the sharp shooter!

This boy was such a trooper.  He was chill as ever, enjoying the camping adventure with us.  Other than, we won't mention the awful nights we had...

We can't forget this kid, he was knocking down clay pigeons right and left.  

And the man behind it all...
Or should we say...WO----man?!?

If you look closely, you can see our camp:

And no camping trip is complete, unless you sit around a camp fire, telling stories, playing games, and roasting marshmallows.

And ending the day watching the sunset...

Notice the orb?

Oh--- and one more thing on the "must do" list:

Family pics at the bum rock:
This top pic and the bottom pic were taken EXACTLY five years apart.  Crazy what time will do to ya...