Sunday, August 13, 2017

American Celebration!

America sure knows how to celebrate a birthday...  We love it all!  From the red, white, and blue colors, flags on display everywhere you look, the food, festivities, and family time.

We finally added this finishing touch to our porch:
I've always wanted  a flag to display.  FINALLY made it happen!

These kids were dressed in their finest with smiles as the sugar on top...

Just a tad bright for pictures....

After the parade Cade worked in the yard and we all helped.... LOL!
 (I guess you can call this work?!?)

Later that night as we were heading to the firework show at Grandma Carols house, we spotted a fire in the fields behind our house.  We drove over and found no one in sight.  Cade jumped out and grabbed the nearest garden hose and started spraying it, while a man who pulled up called it in.  Within minutes, the fire department was there and had it out in no time! 

I LOVE the fourth of July--- especially since I get to celebrate it
with my people. 
Let's do it again next year! ;)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tramp Shenanigans

Does hard work pay off?!?
Just ask this guy! ;)

He ought to have some rippling biceps after digging out our tramp whole another foot all the way around the outer edge!  No easy task in this rock solid clay!
It's already starting to pay off...


Bridger and his Buds

I can't get over how awesome this neighborhood is..  We have the cutest kids that live out here and have had a ball having them over to play!  Kya and Bridger are the same age and will be in the same grade in school.  She is darling with him and is always asking about him.  This particular day, she wanted to hold him. 
Then here is Spencer, one of the other neighborhood boys who spent a good 20 minutes talking and playing with Bridger. 

We definitely hit the jackpot in the neighbor department!

Stadium of Fire

Stadium of Fire is a hightlight of our Fourth of July festivities.  We've finally got the perfect parking spot, seating spot, and snacking thing down....
This year-- Cade stayed home with Bridger.  Bridger did okay last year, but we are also trying to get our yard in and Cade really only has time on weekends.  So- he opted to stay home and work on the yard while Bridger napped and after he went to bed.  What a man! 

So it was me and our two older kids, my sisters fam, and then my mom and her friend.  We missed having the whole fam there... 

This year the entertainment included Hunter Hayes, Brian Reagan (comedian), and Little Big Town. 
We jammed our hearts out and enjoyed every minute!

And those fireworks?  They never get old! 
Until next year.....

Living Planet Aquarium

Every time we head north and drive past the Living Planet Aquarium, my kids always want to stop, and sadly, we haven't been able to make it happen.  It was on our summer bucket list to get there!  Finally.... we can now check it off our list! 
It was so neat to see all the exhibits.  Hands down, the favorite was the shark aquarium.  We got there just in time to see the shark feeding, which was really awesome!
Braylee was all about the photo opps....hence, all the pics of her! LOL!
And Bridger, well, he enjoyed it so much it put him right to sleep. :)

Glad we finally can say "Been there, done that!"

Lindon Aquatic Center

Our new favorite spot to beat the heat....LINDON Aquatic Center!  It's a hit for the young and old alike!  See what I mean?!?

We will be back!!!!

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

You know those moments when you feel like something is too good to be true?  We had that moment....except, it WAS true! 
Meeting Chris, the CEO of Recursion Pharmaceuticals, and Yalonda, Head Biologist, and the rest of the staff was a dream. 
At R.P.  they combine innovative biological science with machine learning techniques to discover new therapeutic opportunities for rare genetic diseases.  Founded in 2013, they are making strides towards their ambitions goal of treating 100 diseases in just 10 years.  
In the break lounge you will find their wall of inspiration, which Bridger's sweet race is included on, that give them the motivation and inspiration to keep working hard and pushing to find answers.   These folks are literally angels on assignment.

93rd Birthday Bash

Because turning 93 is kind of a big deal!
Grandpa June is well on his way to triple digits!  Celebrating his birthday on the mountain at Fishlake is always such a great tradition.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

14 Years on the 14th....

June 14th we celebrated our 14th anniversary!  
We had planned a little overnight getaway - for just the two of us- and as luck would have it, so many things came up and other things fell through, we decided for some reason, we weren't supposed to go.  So, instead, we celebrated on the home front.  I knew I wanted to do something extra special for Cade.  Here is what I came up with:

The OPEN WHEN gift....  14 envelopes with specific insructions and filled with surprises.  We all know how much Cade loves surprises, so I was SOOO glad to pull this one off. :)

And this man surprised me with the sweetest hand written letter and a beautiful flower arrangement. 
We've definitely enjoyed quite a ride these past 14 years and I'm so excited to continue on this journey with my best friend.

Leg Crossing Sign Language

How do you know when Bridger is about to go to sleep?!?

You see the leg cross.... EVERY.SINGLE. TIME!

He may not know sign language--- but he is sure creating his own little language and we are slowly starting to catch on.  BOY- I LOVE this kid!!

Swimming Lessons with a Princess...

Our little princess got the chance to take her final year of swimming lessons with a princess.  Victoria has beeen so great to work with and Braylee LOVES her!  Braylee has been practicing all her new swimming skills all summer long!

National Ability Center- Park City, Utah

Sometimes you just gotta go for it....sad when the hubby has to work, so you have no choice but to take three kids by yourself for an overnighter in Park City at the world renowned National Ability Center with our friends from the School for Deaf/Blind.
This place?!?!  I hardly have words!  It has easily secured a spot on my top 10 places in the world!
This girl was in heaven and instantly fell in love with this horse.
And this one too...
Bridger couldn't get over the helmet.. He did not like that on his head one bit.
Bridger can now say he has rock climbed....sort of... ;)

These two amazed me with their strength and endurance!  I kid you not, they did this rock climbing wall at least 25 times and made it to the top each time!  I was blown away!
I even got to get in on the fun!

This place has everything you see here and much much more.  I can hardly wait to go back for our kids to try out the other events and activities they have to offer.  And Park City is now on my list for retirement.  I'd LOVE to have a little retirement home there someday and then volunteer here at the NAC...  A girl can dream, right?