Thursday, October 12, 2017

Half Time Entertainment

We seized the day and during the break between Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon session of conference, we headed to Monrovian to feast our mouths on a picnic and feast our eyes on the fall beauty!
This is how Bridger enjoyed the picnic and the exploring...I promise it was much cozier then this pic makes it look.

It didn't take long for Breck to find the water...
Dang--- we make some cute kids!

And I couldn't help but bring home this lovely souvenir...
Thank you Mother Nature!

RS Craft Night 2017

I am the 'lucky' one who not only gets to lead the  music in primary, but also plan and carry out the RS activities.  This craft night was a huge undertaking, but a sucess all around.

We started the night with a soup and roll dinner, then we a demonstration by a pro gift wrapper on gift wrapping and bow tying. 

Then we got our craft on:
Homemade Christmas Gift Tags

The cutest sets of yarn Christmas Tree's;
String Art:

We also had coffee filter wreaths, but I failed getting a pic of those!  I just love these cute ladies in our ward!  It's always a party when we get together!  (but I must say....glad to check this 'craft' night off the list)

Breck's Soccer Season 2017

Oh twice a week for both kids was a little intense, but SOOOOO dang fun!  Breck sure showed some major improvements this year and in the end, his team took second place overall. 

I love how #3 has his arm around Breck (#20) during the huddle.  They were all such great buddies and it was a fun season watching them grow and learn together.

And the HUGEST highlight of the season:

Breck kicking in a penalty kick in overtime that wins the game and sent his team to the championship game.

This kid continues to amaze me with his speed, agility, and natural ability.  I can see a lot of soccer in our future, and I'm A-OK with it. 

Tough boy!

They say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.."  In the beginning when we first started our Neurworx therapy visits, you'd have thought we were putting Bridger through pure torture!  His crying and screaming were intense.  It made it tough to even accomplish much.  
This kid has come SOOOO far!  Little by little, he has realized it's not so bad, it doesn't hurt, and he will be just fine.  Because of this little attitude adjustment, he has made some great progress in his head and trunk control.  Here you see him sitting in a kids chair!  Now, it does have some arm rests and a seatbelt, just in case, but this pretty close to normal.

I'm so proud of this boy, his fighting spirit, and  his endurance.  He's my hero!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sweet, Sassy, Spunky, and Seven

Look who just turned SEVEN!
When I asked this gal what she'd like for his birthday breakfast, without hesitation, it was fetticcine alfredo.  Her wish was granted:
I couldn't help but have a walk down memory lane.  This girl has grown at mach speed!

She got her beloved mermaid tail.  It's been several months of her asking for one and so it was nice to finally grant that wish as well...

Grandma Jaleen took her out on a lunch date:
We enjoyed a trip to the pumpkin patch with some cute cousins.... 
This pumpkin patch brings back fond memories... It was October 7th, 2010, my due date and I was at the pumpkin patch with my students when I went into labor!  I rushed to the hospital and met Cade there around 6:30 and by 11 that night Braylee was born!

Braylee got many 'cowgirl' items this year...from her new cowgirl boots and hat, to a couple different play horses, so it only seemed fitting to have a horse 'cupcake' cake:

That night we had a birthday bash with Cade's fam:

We celebrated again on Monday and Bridger and I checked her out of school and took her to lunch to her other fav place ever--- SUBWAY!  Then we went and partied with her classmates.

Happy seventh birthday my sweet, sassy, spunky, smart sista!

Another birthday...

Sticking with tradition---- here is our favorite girls 7th birthday interview video:

Monday, September 25, 2017

Birthday Boy!

It's my main man's birthday!
We loved celebrating all the things we love about him! El Mex helped and provided some great singing and a sweet hat. :)  
Breck even wanted in on the action...
We we also took him bowling and Kenzie ended up creaming all of us and then Tycie hit the JACKPOT on one of the arcade games!  SCORE!

Bridger even got in on the action:
I surprised---okay- let's be honest-- surprising Cade never happens!  He always catches on to everything I'm doing.  I had my grandpa make these cornhole boards for me and then I painted them up and added the details. ;)    He also wanted a bunch of camo  and bullets, so he got to go on a little shopping spree and buy exactly that. 
On Saturday, we headed to Fishlake to the Jensen cabin to celebrate again and also celebrate Anna's birthday. 
Fishlake in the fall is beautiful!!!  Wouldn't you agree?

**Notice the kokanee fish spawning in the stream in front of them?
Cheers to 37 years, Mr. Penney.  WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Soccer Rockers...

Breck and Bray are rock'n soccer this season.  I LOVE watching them.

I have been horrible to take pics and videos so last game I vowed to get some shots and happened to capture this:


Braylee a head taller than most kids her age...LOL!

Love this soccer mom gig!  They have played hard, learned new skills, and most importantly, had fun!

Brecken: Guitar Lessons

Music lessons are something that I feel all kids should take advantage of whenever possible.  I had bought a piano a few years ago and kept it in storage thinking we'd need it once we moved into the new house s the kids could take lessons.  Well--- as time went by, Breck was dead set on guitar lessons and Braylee wanted to take violin lessons... 

So, here we are now:
Breck just started his guitar lessons and already knows a full song and half.  He is picking things up so quick and his teacher is perfect!  We feel so lucky to have her teaching him and helping develop his new talents.

Now for Braylee- last minute I decided we'd wait one more year on the violin lessons.  She has so many things going right now from soccer twice a week, gymnastics twice a week, and horse lessons, I was afraid this year is just too busy and next year we will take off one thing and add in violin when she is a little older and ready for it.

Shopping Lessons and Dilemmas...

Lately, shopping with Bridger has turned into quite the ordeal.  He HATES HATES HATES the grocery store and Walmart.  The second we walk through the front door he starts sobbing.  (secretly, I feel the same I feel his pain..LOL)  Anyhow, I had two moments that taught me a little something.  On one occasion, I was frantically trying to hurry out of there and a sweet friend of mine noticed our despair and instantly offered her help.  It was SO gracious and kind of her.  Bridger was able to be entertained for a moment while I paid and loaded the groceries.  That kind act truly made my day.

Fast forward to the next Walmart trip.  It happened to be on Pres. Monsen's 90th birthday and I decided that for his birthday I would make a dinner and take to a family in need.  I needed to grab FIVE things for this dinner.  The same scenario played out... I had to run to the store and had Bridger with me.  The second we entered the walmart sliding doors, Bridger burst into tears, I'm speed walking, rushing to grab our items and get to the self checker line and am trying to scan and hurry and pay.  This leaves Bridger just screaming and crying to the high heavens.  There were FOUR ladies just standing watching, staring, as I'm frantically trying to scan these 5 items while he is head banging, crying, his chair tipping and banging all over the place, not one offered any help.

As I finally finished and turned to leave, I happened to make eye contact with one of the ladies there standing there watching us....  She then asks me, "How are you doing today?"  I bit my tongue and offered a casual smile and replied in the nicest tone I could muster, "We are surviving.." and turned to leave as quickly as possible.  I'm sure she meant no harm and had good intentions, but the whole scene left me so darn emotional.  I am finding that my emotions tend to hit me when I least expect it...

I kept myself together until Bridger was loaded and calm again, groceries and wheelchair were loaded.  At that point, I plopped into the driver seat and started sobbing.

I found myself calling Cade, he truly is one of the only other people who 'gets' it when it comes to raising Bridger.   All I want to do is take care of Bridger, at the same time, I wanted to do this small service which requires me to go to Walmart.  I was flustered how others just stare and gawk at us.  How not one person offered to help.

It taught me a great lesson and made me ponder in my own life how many times have I witnessed someone in need and just watched?  How many times has someone needed  help and I haven't offered?  My goal is to strive to always be in tune, to seek after opportunities to serve, always be willing to give a hand, and even if there isn't anything I can do, just offer a smile and a hug.  It's truly by small and simple things that "great things are brought to pass"


Our very next trip to the grocery store, I tried an experiment.  I put Bridger in the cart like this and he did much better....PHEW!  Now I just push him like this and pull a cart behind me. We look a little crazy, but it totally works!

Braylee: Horse Riding Lessons

One of my goals as a parent it to assist my children to accomplish their goals and develop their talents.  We have done this by signing them up and letting them try multiple things from countless sports, dance, gym, and now music lessons.  Braylee has always had a love for horses.  As she's grown, I've always wondered if it was a phase and she'd outgrow up.  It seems with time, her love has increased and it's not just a phase. 

This past summer I decided I needed to pursue a way to help Braylee turn her love and passion with horses into a talent or skill with horse riding.  I spent the summer pondering how I would make this happen. Then one day, out of the blue a thought popped into my head..... a senior high school boy here in our neighborhood is a barrel racer, has horses, and is very passionate about them.  I decided to go out on a limb and see if he'd even be interested in taking on the task of teaching our daughter the ropes when it comes to horses and also help her develop the skills necessary for barrel racing.  To my surprise, without any reservations, he was on board.

I've never seen Braylee's eyes light up more than when Thursday's roll around and her horse lessons takes place.  She lives for these days.   She is living her dream one Thursday at a time....

Canyon is pictured here with Braylee:
He is so awesome and sends me the best pictures when they are out on their rides:
She even had to buy a special brush so she could brush Gus after each lesson:
She and Gus are like peas and carrots:
I can't wait to see what this gals future holds....I'd bet it has something to do with animals--- mainly horses. ;)