Monday, June 24, 2019

Sleep Study?!?

Here we go again.  Bridger had to endure another sleep study.  Since this isn't our first rodeo, I knew what we were in for.  This time around, it was even worse.  Now that he is bigger, stronger, and more accurate with his hands, it made for one heckuvva night trying to restrain him from pulling off all the wires.    

I feel for him...can you imagine what's going through his mind right now?  He kept looking at me with those pleading eyes to rescue him.  It was pure torture for him, but also for me, watching him have to endure this discomfort...for a whole 8 hours straight...wires everywhere from head to toe, a cannula in his nose, pulse ox on his toe, two belly bands tight around his waist.  Goodness, I'd say that's one way to set someone up for failure for a study on their sleep?!?  

Bridger didn't sleep all.  That was expected.  The information gathered from this study did show moderate sleep apnea, so as a result, we have more doctor appointments as we look into getting his tonsils and adenoids checked with the ENT to see if they are the root of the cause?

He also had an EEG while there, and the results of that were also very abnormal.  It's hard to know if it's because of his overall brain disease? Or something else?   This kid keeps us on our toes with all the medical stuff.....

Summer Lately...

It has finally warmed up... thank goodness!   With the warm temperatures, the kids haven't skipped a beat.  They have jumped right into all things water.  

Breck and Beck floated the canal on the kayaks:
We finally dusted off the waterslide and got some use out of it:

 Braylee has been swimming over to the neighbors as well....they have an awesome pool!

I took Breck and his buds out to the Monroe pond fishing.  They learned the art of patience as they caught less than 10 fish in the course of 4 hours!
The kids are learning all sorts of new skills this summer--- Like how to make mac n' cheese:
Breck would rather live off popcorn!
Or ice cream-- notice  he's wearing his jacket?!? Silly kid!

Celebrating the Sweet 16

Cade and I took our trip to Hawaii back in March- but really, that was to celebrate our 15th.  So for our 16th, we decided to keep it low key and do one of our 24 hour getaways, which we are famous for.

We headed north and made a stop at the mall, where Cade found his 4th of July outfit!  I mean, seriously, who buys these? LOL..
Found our own section in the store-- "Penney Lane"....

After shopping, we went out to dinner and then headed to our hotel.  We stayed at a nice hotel right at point of the mountain, by Cabela's.  How convenient, right??!

The next day, after eating a yummy breakfast, Cade agreed to going to the Parade of Homes with me.  Since they didn't start until noon, we decided to shop at the Traverse Mountain Outlets for a bit and then we hit up the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.  These homes were incredible!  See for yourself:

We ended up seeing about 12 of the homes, and then on our way out, hit up Costco.   We died laughing at Cade's parking job!  Oh my heck... who taught him how to park?!?  

And looks like our kids didn't even miss us!  These were pics of them having a good ol' time with us gone...
Cheers to 16 years Mr. Penney!

A Day In Manti

With this being the last year for the Manti Pageant, we knew we wanted to be sure the kids saw it one last time.  We decided to make a day out of it.  I told the kids they could each invite one friend to come with us for the day.  Braylee invited Hallie and Breck invited Carter, and then my niece Tycie came along (my sis just had a baby-and I wanted to help give her a little break).  

Now that's a pool with a view! :)
These boys were too cool to even look at the camera...

Afterwards, we went to Ephraim to shower at my sisters house and get all cleaned up for dinner and the pageant that night. 

We had dinner at the Malt Shop:

Here was the crew headed to the pageant.  We used this nifty wagon to haul in all our snacks, drinks,  pillows, and blankets.
And since we got to the pageant extra early, we had time to meet several of the cast members:


The pageant didn't disappoint.  The story always is so amazing to watch unfold before your eyes on the Manti Temple hill.  I always love the part when Christ comes and the little children run to him.  It brings tears to my eyes every time.   Sad it's over, but feel relief for all the crew and cast members!   What a huge undertaking that must be every year!