Monday, October 15, 2018

Birthday Interview Video

Braylee's birthday interview and a look at the past year:

Eight is Great

This year, Braylee wanted to have a friend party and a family party.  Since her birthday was on a Sunday this year, we did her friend party on a Friday night.  

She decided she wanted to have a Pajama Party.  We played flashlight tag, had a pillow fight, told scary stories in the dark, had a dance party, played 'down by the banks', opened presents, and had cake and ice cream.

Such cute friends!

Saturday, we treated Braylee to lunch at her favorite restaurant; South China!

Her fortune was SPOT ON: "You're ready for a party."
That night, she and I attended the General Women's broadcast with the Kyhl's and Giblett's and then went for ice cream at Ideal Dairy afterwards, so it was a fun filled day.

Sunday morning, her actual birthday, she awoke to this mess:

And was showered with gifts:

For breakfast, it was cinnamon rolls, her favorite:

The kids spent the day setting up the Playmobil and playing together as we enjoyed General Conference at home in our PJ's. :)

Later that night, we had a family party to celebrate, yet again:

Brand new baby Nixon was even there...

Braylee was showered with so many fun gifts from the family:
What a whirlwind of celebrations!  We loved celebrating our favorite 8 year old.

Bridger Update

Often, I get asked how Bridger is doing at school.  Well, the short answer is, he has good moments and bad moments. We have learned to go with the flow and take things one day at a time.

My favorite part of the day is getting the pictures from Mackayla of the things Bridger is learning and doing.  Here are several so far this year:

There are lots of times Bridger falls asleep at school.  Depending on what time it is, Mackayla will let him sleep for 30 minutes and then wake him to finish the day, or sometimes if it's close to 1, I'll just go pick him up and bring  him home for nap.  He works so hard, it just wears his little body right out.

This year is definitely a transition year for our boy.  We can't wait to see all that he will accomplish!

Farm Field Trip

The second graders got to go on a field trip to a local dairy farm.  As you can see, our cowgirl was in heaven!  This is her happy place....
Mrs. Pace- Second Grade Class:

Dressed in White...

There is nothing more special than seeing your kids dressed in white,  making covenants to lead them back to Heavenly Father.  Braylee has been SOOOO excited for her baptism day for months and months.  Leading up the big day, we searched online for hours for the perfect white dress; not to frilly, not fluffly, no puffy sleeves, not shiny, etc..  Braylee wanted something simple and flowy.  When we finally found THE ONE, we were so excited for it to arrive.  It fit perfect and she LOVED it. 

Other preparations included bapstim pictures.  She begged me to get her baptism pictures with a horse, so that's just what we did.  The day of, we had appointments made for her to get her nails and hair done.  She got a pedi and a mani, and was pampered like a princess.  Then she and I drove over to Wayne county to have the talented Faun Jackson take her photos.  They all were so cute; the horse was stunning and so obedient.


Then I took a few (without a horse) one night in a field out by our house: