Friday, June 2, 2017

Strength During a Storm

Countless experiences have taught me that every sincere prayer uttered is heard.  I'm always astounded at the answers and how they come.... some answers come instantly, and some years later. I need to document a recent experience I had with prayer for my family, friends, and others who ever doubt if there is someone listening.

It's difficult to even put into words what it's like raising a child like Bridger.  This has been the most challenging/rewarding thing I've ever experienced.  It has tested us beyond my limits, and thankfully Heavenly Father has been there to help carry us through.  

I try my best to maintain an eternal perspective as Bridger continually suffers and battles countless physical issues and discomforts;  this isn't going to be forever, it is just a small moment.  Bridger will eventually be exalted and be made perfect.  

Several months ago, Bridger started doing amazing...  He was having fantastic nights where he'd sleep through the night, his vomiting was decreasing, and overall, he was happier and pleasant during the day.  We were so excited about this and weren't sure what brought it on- as nothing we had done had changed.  

Sadly, this didn't last forever.  The yuckiness came back, he started throwing up every night before bed, during the night he'd wake multiple times crying, hurting, and throwing up, and then again in the morning he'd awake early and throw up again.  He was miserable and sad all the time and acted like he was hurting. Days were hard, nights were harder--- it just seemed like he couldn't shake it and the there was no end in sight.  When Bridger isn't doing well, it starts to take it's toll.   During this time, I took him into the doc over the course of two months at least a dozen times for consultations, antibiotics, and such as they kept saying it was an ear infecion.  We also saw the ENT twice- and he would say the opposite- NO ear infection.  SO, what's a mom to do.  One doc says one thing, one says another.....all of which resulted in no diffinitive answers.

On the way home from the last doctor visit, I lost it.  After leaving with NO answers again, my emotions were on my sleeve.  As I drove, I prayed out loud through the tears, asking Heavenly Father what to do.  I try and try and try....and fail and fail and fail.... and can't seem to find anyone to figure out what's wrong or help relieve him from his sufferings.  Watching your child suffer continually is the most difficult thing to endure.  I poured my heart out and put it all out on the table.

When we got home, we continued about our day and then later that same evening, I received a text from a friend I hadn't touched base with in a while. 

In her text she said: "I'm reading this book that I'm loving.  There is a chapter in here that I can't help but share with you":

(and she sent me pictures of these two pages)

Some would call this pure coincidence....  To me, this was a direct answer from a loving Father in Heaven, to me, a mother questioning how to continue on raising this precious son with so many needs. After reading this, which I know was a direct answer to my pleading prayer that day, I instantly fell to my knees in gratitude to my Father in Heaven for the way he spoke to my heart and calmed my storm.  This answered prayer has lead me to have more strength, more gratitude, and a deeper love for my Father in Heaven. 

I'll be ever thankful to this sweet friend for acting on a prompting and being the instrument in God's hands to provide the answer I was so desperately looking for.

Just as we are promised in James 1:5- "If you lack wisdom...ask of God."  I can say without any reservations, he will answer, he will help you through your storms.

Bike for Bridger

After nearly a year....Bridger's bike finally arrived!!!!  Cade put his mad skillz to the test and put the whole thing together, all by himself.  This is documents of his first ride:

He wasn't so sure about it, and was a little scared.  It's definitely going to take many rides to show him it's safe and fun.  I know he will eventually LOVE it!

We will forever be grateful to our family, friends and even complete strangers who donated to make this possible.  It leaves me speechless when I think of this kind act of generosity by so many.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts...

Missing Teeth

This girl....she lost 3 teeth in a matter of FIVE days!  Let's just say that tooth fairy couldn't keep up and may have spaced coming one of the nights...WOOPS!

Summer...and much much more!

My neighbor was so great and helped me organize a neighborhood Summer Kickoff party with all the cute kids in our hood!
Complete with shaving cream, water balloons, squirt guns, and popsicles.

We've already had a blast with so many other great activities like this:

To softball games:
Delivering gifts:
Golf ball hunts:

Mother's Day Love:
Family get togethers that always involve seeing if Brecken has finally gotten taller than Keish--- he's SO close!
End of year programs:
And sweet Bridger....he's been enduring misery lately... And sadly, we thought we figured it out, just to find out, we didn't.
Gymnastics Meet: Braylee took FIRST place in Bars!
Bike Brigades:
Feeding the goats:

Miss Sevier Pageant:

AND the best payday ever was from a note we received from Braylee's teacher, Mrs. Tuttle:

(first day on the left- last day on the right)

We've loved Mrs. Tuttle.  Braylee has sure blossomed this past year!

And with all this fun.....we've sure worn this boy and this momma clear out!  I already need a nap tomorrow....
But- nobody got time for that! LOL!  We have a huge bucket list to get to....

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Softball Gal

Braylee played T-ball with the boys when she was 4 and 5 years old.  This year, we opted to play softball with the girls.  This year it's coachpitch and she is on the 'Ladybugs' team.  She's usually the one who swings and hits the ball on the first pitch and consistently hits it down to the third baseman.

Here she is- on fleek - in that catcher's get up
And here she is with our darling neighbor.  They are two peas in a pod, especially with those missing teeth!

#1 Jazz Fan!

This right here is one of the Utah Jazz's #1 fans!  She LOVES watching them and this year was such a ride!  We were so excited to see them make it to the playoffs!  She'd get all decked out with her jersey every game day.  Then we'd cheer and yell as we hoped to see their winning streak continue...  And it's safe to say we are both huge fans of Hayward.  Even Breck is sporting the Hayward signature haircut now. :)
She even thought it brought her good luck as she lost her first tooth while wearing it!  


My brother in law and my brother both hit a monumental point in their lives with graduations!  Neither one is fully done with their schooling, (they are both looking at becoming a nurse anesthetist) but they are one more step closer.

I love graduations and celebrating these major accomplishments in others lives...

Here was Jerry's pinning ceremony:
Trent's pinning ceremony:

Funny story about Trent's graduation gift--- Plan A:
Trent jokingly said he only wanted "COLD HARD CASH" as a graduation gift, so I froze some cash, so it was cold and hard..
BUT- I forgot to grab it and take it with me that morning when we raced out the door to his graduation.

SOO-- that initiated a Plan B:
Either way, he got the cash. LOL...  

Love both my bro and bro-in-law and we are so excited to see them continue their progress towards reaching their goals!

On a Fence...

With the weather warming up, we have now been able to focus on the yard.  It's been a huge undertaking figuring all this out, but it has been so fun to take on this new learning curve.   Thanks to Cade's friend Rocky, we now have a fence!!!  Who knew a fence could be so exciting.  We loved watching it go up, hour by hour.

And walah:
All done!  We LOVE it!