Sunday, July 1, 2018

4H Camp

Breck just experienced his first camp away from home.....and I was a wreck!  I was so nervous for him to be away.   It took place on the campus of Snow College.  There he participated in all kinds of science themed activities lead by teenage junior leaders and lots of adult volunteers and advisors.  And in between they sprinkled tons of fun--- like the water party and....wait for it....
 The DANCE....where they TEACH the kids to dance and even dance with girls!  Breck was a little embarrassed about this.  LOL... He's 11, so it goes with the territory.
Thanks to my spy for capturing a couple pics for me while he was away. (can you tell he likes BYU a little bit?!?)   We missed him terribly, but it was definitely an experience he will never forget.

Father's Day Weekend at the NAC

June Weekend #3:  National Ability Center in Park City and Fathers Day!

The School for Deaf/Blind hosts a family weekend at the NAC in Park City every June.  We went last year and loved every minute and decided it would be a priority every summer to attend.  There are so many amazing families there and also the staff from the school is fabulous in every way.

This year we opted to spend the whole weekend there- Friday- Sunday.  It's a beautiful lodge they have right next to all the events and activities.

This is the director, Susan Patten, of the School.  We adore her!  The past several years we've gotten to know her and even her cute daughter watched Bridger while we were in Salt Lake for a Jazz game.
And we scored Nikki as our group leader again this year!!! YAY!

Bridger rode a horse for the first time ever!  And he cried the whole time because he hated wearing the helmet.

The kids loved all these bikes and want one of each now..... LOL.

I loved that we could all participate!  Bridger loved this bike and was actually very calm as we rode.
Rock Climbing Fools:
And swinging on their favorite swing:

But, overall, Bridger's favorite thing was this swing:

After all our NAC events, the kids were still raring for adventure, so we ended our Saturday at the resort:
The two older kids and I went down the Alpine Coaster!  It was breath taking and so incredible!  We all LOVED it!

Then, Father's Day Sunday, we headed home and pampered our 'dad of the year' with notes, gifts, food, homemade peanut butter bars, and all our attention.

These kids scored big time!  He's seriously the best daddy ever, probably because he's a kid wrapped in an adult body.  Thanks for all you do to make our kids the luckiest in the world in the dad department.


June: Weekend #2- Cade and I Runaway Together

A decade and a half has passed since Cade and I entered the Manti Temple together as single adults and walked out as a sealed couple for eternity.  One of the most pivotal moments of both of our lives!

A look back:
We ran away for a whole 24 hours -- just the two of us, no kids -- and had the best time! 

We stayed at the neatest B and B in Spring City.  We were in awe at what aa beautiful place Spring City is.
The next morning we dined for breakfast at this café:
SOOOO YUMMY! The hot chocolate with whip cream was my fav! :)
Then we headed north for a day of hiking, sight seeing, and more yummy food!

We went to Bridal Veil Falls, then Sundance.  We rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and then took the most scenic, breathtaking hike I've ever been on.

Afterwards, we took the Apline Loop road, which is beautiful, back to Utah County and dined at the Texas Roadhouse before it was time to head back to the homefront…
On the actual "DAY" of our anniversary, Cade surprised me and I was spoiled with a sweet card and note, flowers, and my favorite treats and PJ's from Late with Kate!

I decided I wanted to do something a little extra special this year too, so going back to our first anni- I made a note across the freeway for him to see on his way home from work that day.
With the help of my kids this time, I was able to pull it off again.
It's been quite the 15 years....we have had experiences that I never imagined.  We have reached many goals we only dreamed of, and have started growing older together.  One thing is for sure, we will continue to stick together, through the thick and thin of life.  

NOW....the countdown is on for our Hawaii vaca coming in March 2019! 

PCH and a Wedding

Every weekend in June was chucked full of family fun!
First Weekend in June:  PCH visit and Wedding  

First weekend in June: We found ourselves starting our morning bright and early heading to Primary Childrens Hospital.  Bridger had his G/J tube snagged the day before so we needed to get it replaced.
Bridger has this drill down to a T!  He is so patient and does so well as they replace the g/j button.
On our way up, we dropped Cade off for Shelby's wedding at the Provo City Center Temple. We arrived at the temple around 10 minutes before Shelby and Declan came out.  They are a darling couple and we are so excited for them to start a new journey together.
Afterwards, we headed for the luncheon.  When that was over, I took the two older kids to Get Air to kill time until the reception:
At the reception, I loved this moment with Cade and Braylee:
And then Breck completed a dare----to floss for 30 seconds straight on the dance floor.
That kid earned himself a 30 minute backrub from his proud ol' mamma!
Weekends like this are so much fun.....and a little exhausting. :)

Earn Your Keep

Brecken is now 11 years old, old enough to run some bigger power equipment.  That means he is now our designated lawn boy.  He is in charge of mowing my moms lawn once a week and also our lawn, too.  Some weeks, depending on what's going on, we chip in and help if we are limited on time, but I've been amazed at how well he's taken on this new responsibility.
I wholeheartedly believe kids need to learn the value of working hard.  Hopefully, this responsibility is helping him learn that value.

YU to the BA...

Memorial Weekend gave us the chance to get out on the lake with our fam.  My mom and Bill came up for the weekend and my sis and her boys joined us too.

The sun was shining and a slight breeze was blowing, making it perfect conditions for playing in the water.  The kids spent time out paddle boarding around the boat, we also pulled them from behind the boat on the paddle boards and the tube, and enjoyed a picnic lunch while on the lake.

When we decided it was time to load up and head out, after being out around 6-7 hours we headed for the dock.  As we pulled in, Bill prepared to step to the dock from the boat to tie us off there.  Suddenly, as he stepped off the boat, he missed the dock and fell down into the lake!  We were all terrified, thinking as the boat was moving forward we pinned him, or that he hit his head on the way down and would be unconscious.  It was a moment of panic, thankfully, through a miracle, he was able to get to the surface and then with all the strength he could muster, he pulled himself up on the dock.  

About a week later, there was a KSL headline on a man the same age as Bill that had passed away up at Deer Creek from the same incident that happened to Bill.  It gave us all flashbacks, and made us realize how lucky he was to make it out unscathed. 

And then a few weeks after that--another headliner of another man who had passed away, same scenario!  Needless to say, we are extremely cautious pulling into docks!  

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Shenanigans

This summer is flying by....and my blogging isn't happening as frequently.  We are too busy making memories that I'm having a hard time keeping up documenting our memories, it's a good problem to have, right?

So here in no particular order are some of the things the kids have been doing to keep busy:
Hallie and Braylee--- twins!
And  Breck has been living at the secret fishing hole all summer!  He and his boys seriously cannot get enough. 
And these balls?  They've been worth every penny...
Girls of the 'hood:
A little hangman for entertainment:

And my fav....

One night I went down to check on the kids and Braylee wasn't in her bed.  I got really nervous inside and hurried to check Brecks room.  There she was!  She'd crawled into his bed with him.  These two can be the best of friends and I just love it!!!!  (don't love so much love when there's fighting between the two of them, but these moments solidify they do love eachother!)
Seriously, summer is wearing this kid right out!
And to think we still have another month and a half of summer to go....HOOORRRAAAYYY!